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Relache specialises in consulting services for;

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Selling Solutions

This is about identifying and analysing opportunities and then developing the strategic plan to bring the sale to fruition. Selling solutions is all about being customer focused, and teaches sales professionals to increase closing rates and therefor revenue by focusing on a genuine understanding of business benefits achievable by their customer, and forming a relationship where the customer “wants” to continue to purchase products and services from your organisation

These workshops will teach sales professionals to reach new levels of sales efficiency and effectiveness, to strive for the 100% closing ratio. Selling solutions is about focusing on the business benefits to the customer rather than technology, price or even sales volume. Meeting or exceeding customer expectations is neither difficult or costly, however it will increase profits, improve efficiency and quality and promote highly referenceable clients.

The principle and key to success is teaching sales people and the culture of the organisation to reach a 100% closing ratio on prospects to sales. By focusing on the business benefits and identifying the sales that WILL close and only spending time on these productive opportunities.

What will be learned

During the selling solutions workshops, sales and pre-sales teams will:

1. Learn how to identify opportunities with a high probability of closing.
2. Develop self management skills that ensure opportunities are managed and processed to completion.
3. Be able to identify and avoid competitive situations
4. Learn that only worthwhile prospects belong on the “To Do” list and in the Pipeline.
5. Perfect their own style of confidently and successfully negotiating objections.

Typical Program Components

Discovery Workshops

Executive 1 Day in-house Unlimited attendees

Operational 1 Day in-house Unlimited attendees

Delivery I Day in-house Unlimited attendees

Sales Plan

Completed Document Property of Client

Selling Solutions Workshop 2 days (Maximum 12 attendees)

Executive Briefing 1/2 day Workshop In-house

Team motivation event 1/2 Day Event In-house

Weekly Sales Meeting

e-Learning Modules

In-house sales management

Hand-over Workshop 1 Day in-house Unlimited attendees

Follow-up Progress Workshop 1/2 day Workshop In-house

Additional adhoc services and consulting as required


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